What is my client portal

Your client portal is your one stop shop to see your services you have currently, pay your invoice, create a support ticket and any other pertinent info concerning your iptv account. Your client portal was created when you filled out a form to place an order. So whenever you need to look up some info about the subscription you bought, head over to your client portal. You will need your email address as your username and the password you created when you signed up or when a password reset link was sent to you. Your client portal password is not to be confused with your subscription password. Your subscription password can be found Inside your client portal, so please don’t confuse the two. If you ever forget your client portal password then submit an email request to reset your password, which will be your iptv client portal account, and NOT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PASSWORD. An email will be sent out for you to reset your password.


Click the link to access your client portal


Your homepage client portal will open and in the middle of the page you can see where to make an order, make a payment or get support

Click on any tab once and then a second time to open up a security login page to access your info

Once inside you will see 4 main tabs: 

Services - access to any product you have ordered

Quotes -ignore

Tickets- shows any support tkts created by you or admin

Invoices- here you can make a payment or check when next payment is due


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