What do I do to start enjoying the service after I payed my invoice

After you paid your invoice, you will receive a confirmation email showing invoice paid and shortly after you will receive your IPTV SERVICE INFO email that will have a lot of info regarding your credentials and other resources to use your subscription. PLEASE KEEP FOR YOUR RECORDS

You will see your username/password if it’s a streamline product

you will see your m3u playlist url that you need for apps like Perfect Player or GSE, or Xtreme iptv

you will see a mag portal url to use with streaming devices that require a MAC addresss in order to be activated like a mag box, or DreamlinkT2 or formula hybrid iptv box

you will also see a link that you can use your subscription on a pc web browser or phone browser (Iptv365 only)


In the email you will see:

the name of your product you bought

status of your service

registration date

 next due date

recurring amount

billing cycle

payment method

1st payment amount


Additionally you will see the following:


Click on the Overview drop down menu and you will see information tab that will show you your username and password. You will also see in the Overview drop down menu a Downloads link button that will show you some available download products to use with your subscription like official  Nitro apps.

Also, you will see a Action drop down menu button that will show a product upgrade/downgrade option that will allow you to change the current product to a different subscription. For example If you bought a 24hr trial then you could upgrade that trial subscription to a full month subscription before the trial expires. 


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